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unload() attempts to cleanly unload a package, including unloading its namespace, deleting S4 class definitions and unloading any loaded DLLs. Unfortunately S4 classes are not really designed to be cleanly unloaded, and so we have to manually modify the class dependency graph in order for it to work - this works on the cases for which we have tested but there may be others. Similarly, automated DLL unloading is best tested for simple scenarios (particularly with useDynLib(pkgname) and may fail in other cases. If you do encounter a failure, please file a bug report at

unregister() is a gentler version of unload() which removes the package from the search path, unregisters methods, and unregisters the namespace. It doesn't unload the namespace or its DLL to keep it in working order in case of dangling references.


unload(package = pkg_name(), quiet = FALSE)

unregister(package = pkg_name())



package name.


if TRUE suppresses output from this function.


if (FALSE) {
# Unload package that is in current directory

# Unload package that is in ./ggplot2/

# unload the ggplot2 package directly by name